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Corri Fetman has served as a legal correspondent, on-air host, expert analyst, and as the spotlight of countless media features world wide. Her extensive knowledge of divorce law has helped play the roll of on-air talent involving celebrity divorce commentary, high profile legal cases, and industry specific media needs. Corri is a regular on the radio airwaves nationwide, as well as a sit in co-host on some of the top syndicated radio programs in the Chicago market. Her career as a tough no nonsense attorney has also brought casting agents from around the country to her downtown Chicago offices. Corri has been featured in movies, webisodes, and many niche specific productions with roles often tailor made for her on-air presence.

You can catch Corri’s Weekly Love Lawyer Segment on South Florida’s Number One station, 105.5-The Beat with DJ, Jack “Scrappy” Degnan by clicking below for more information.

Scrappy’s on 105.5 The Beat

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